A Journal Entry

I just wanted to share with everyone the entry from my journal that I wrote last night.

May 2, 2012

Today is a day I’ll never forget.  As usual on Wednesday I went to church to work with the students.   Weng (my wife) was especially tired after work so she decided to stay home.  She works hard at her job and was really worn out.  About half way through the student choir practice she sent me text asking if I had to stay late for any meetings.  I called her to if she wanted me to pick up some food because that is what I thought she was texting for.  She said yes to KFC but also that I needed to hurry home because she had good news.  I immediately knew what it was.  Thoughts, fears, and praises flooded into my head.  I raced home full of anxiousness to find out the good news.  Weng opened the door for me to come in and showed me the pregnancy test.  It was positive.  My jaw dropped and I was speechless.  After a moment of hugging and kissing, I suggest we go get another test to make sure.  It too was positive.

I am going to be a dad.  Wow.  I had always dreamed of this day.  I can remember as a little boy looking forward to being a dad just like my dad.  I am so excited and overwhelmed.  I already love the baby with all that I am.  I just want to be a worthy father.  I want to be a godly man like my father.   I am so excited.

Thank you God.  I pray that you will give us a child that will serve you.  I pray you will already have the day of our child’s salvation planned.  I pray for your guidance and providence.  Thank you for sending your son to die for me.  We can never repay you.  And now you see fit to bless me with a child.  I love you God.