Hello, I’m Joseph Spurgeon and welcome to my blog.   I hope you will make yourself at home.   Born in the West Virginian mountains where the state’s motto is “Mountaineers are always free,” a sense of freedom was ingrained in me.   The love of nature and traveling was also nurtured inside of me.   I’ve always been the rebellious sort even going so far as a child to stick my finger in a power socket just because my father told me not to.  While rebellion against some things can be good and at times is quite necessary, a rebellious heart can lead one down a path into slavery.   I believe that all people are born as a rebel against God.   We run from His embrace and right into the embrace of evil.   I did this many times.   I am very thankful that God is a hero though.  He can break the chains of evil and give us true liberty.

The Sword and the Trowel was a magazine started in in 1865 by the great  Charles Haddon Spurgeon.   He was known as the “Prince of Preachers” and has left a lasting legacy on the lives of countless others.  He used his magazine to comment on many current issues of the day and to spread the Gospel.   It is my desire that this blog will continue in that same path of shedding the light of God’s truth on the current issues of the day while spreading the good news of the Gospel.  Join with me and take up the Sword and the Blog.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. A legacy – sure enough! I wish you the best with that.
    May God bless you and your work, and your rebellion, if need be. 😉
    Peace, Uncle Tree

  2. Hi Joesph! I have really enjoyed coming across your blog and love your journal entry about getting pregnant. Congratulations! I would like to know if you will consider writing a story for The Daily Mustard? I enjoy your writing and with a legacy of a christian family, I am sure you have some great stories!

    • Id love to write a story for the Daily Mustard. Just let me know what you need from me and I’ll provide it.

      • Thank you! The story will be between 500-1000 words. You can discuss an awe-inspiring event in your life where God has come through for you and proved that he is still around. It can be big or small. Sign it with your name, age, and where you live and send it over! We will be so excited to hear from you!

  3. Joseph: Do you know Dr. Gene Spurgeon of Cahokia, Ill, FBC? He also is a relative of C.H. You might be interested to know that a friend of mine in my first year in SEBTS in ’72-73, Dr. Eric Lewis, from Belfast, North Ireland, knew one of C.H.’s great grandsons (or maybe it was great great) who was pastoring in that area. There is a devotional in Morning and Evening where I wrote in the margin: “I have lived to see this fulfilled.” It was a prayer by C.H. for his descendants to be active in the service of the Lord.

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