The End of Slavery/ The End Of Abortion

History can repeat itself.


2 thoughts on “The End of Slavery/ The End Of Abortion

  1. Remember how the end of slavery in the old South came about? It ended with a war, the casualties of which amounted to more than all of the casualties of all the wars fought by American, including the Vietnam War until its casualties passed 55,000. Does the portend a blood-letting in America again? God forbid. Let us give ourselves to prayer for a Third Great Awakening, for an overwhelming out pouring of the Holy Spirit in conviction and conversion that will change the whole outlook of the people as a whole.

    • interestingly enough I don’t approve of the Union invasion of the South in the war. I think the southern states where within their rights to secede. However they were wrong to continue slavery. The war was God’s judgment upon the both the north and south for its crimes against him in slavery. The effects of that judgment still linger today in a Leviathan of a central government, racism, and a host of other issues. The abolitionalists were right to call for the end of slavery using the gospel of Jesus. In the UK, slavery was ended without bloodshed. My prayer is yours that God will pour out the Holy Spirit and cause our nation to repent and turn to him. Thanks again for commenting.

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