No Greater Love

My mind is blown by God’s goodness to me. He has provided me everything that I have. My very breath comes from him. He has provided loving parents that raised me in a home where love was always shown. He provided me with two brothers who have become two of my best friends. He has provided me with friends who care about me. He provided me with an abundance of possessions and has never let me starve. God has blessed me with an unbelievable measure. God has given me a wife who is everything I could want in a woman. She is loving, caring, and submissive. She treats me with respect and honor and I could not be happier. Just last night, I found out that God has again blessed us by my wife being with child. I have been overwhelmed all day while thinking about God’s goodness. Yet there was a time when I was an enemy of God. There was a time when I literally said with my own two lips that I hated God. My heart breaks to think of how evil and vile I was. And yet God loved me. I can’t help but be drawn to Isaiah 52 and 53.
God loved me when I was his enemy and in Isaiah 52 and 53, it spells out the lengths that God went to show his love. While God has blessed me with many earthly things, nothing compares to what He gave for me. According to this passage, He gave his son, who grew up like a tender shoot. When I hear the word tender I can’t help but think of my upcoming baby. I think of the innocence of a small child. The tender baby who needs the protection of its parents. When something is tender it is also easily broken. God gave us his tender Son who should have been received as King and as Lord yet the passage says that He was despised. It makes me so angry at myself to think that I could tell the one person in the entire universe that has shown me the most love that I hated him. Yet I am not alone. Everyone has despised Him. In John 1 it says that the light came into the world and the darkness did not know Him.
His Son also bore my sorrow and shame. He bore the full brunt of the penalty of my sin. God caused my evilness to be put on Him. He took my sin and nailed it Jesus on the cross. I can’t help but fall to my knees in worship of Jesus who willingly and obediently bore my stain. He took it all for me. No greater gift is this that one would lay down his life for his friends. God laid down his life for me an enemy. How awesome is He. He calls me friend. I don’t deserve it. I can’t deserve it. I can however praise God forever and ever. I can give my life to Him. He has shown himself to be more than worthy. He has shown himself to be trustworthy and true.
I am grateful that God broke through the coldness of my heart and brought me to repentance. He then according to John 1 gave me the right to become God’s child. God has truly cared for me more than anyone. God has given us a sacrifice to end all sacrifices. He has bestowed up on us His love in such a great display. May God be praised.


2 thoughts on “No Greater Love

  1. WOW!!How awesome you are as a son Joey!!Your dad and I am so proud of the young man you have become and we always knew you would become a great man,,you just had to experience the greatest love of all and that was by giving your all to christ.Remember how I always told you that you were the only bible some will ever read!!Keep on spreading the good news of Christ through how you live and what you say!!!Show God’s love in this dark dark world!!!People need the Lord and they don’t even realize it!!! I love you so very very much!!!!

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